Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free French Postcard, 1914 Ma Bien Chere Berthe

You can click on the postcards to make them larger, than right click to save as or I have added both of these images to my 4shared file sharing so they will be 300dpi for you to download as much larger images. Here is the link

Here is a French Postcard I hope you will enjoy as much as I have. I really like the floral grouping too. It is one of the most romantic postcards from my collection. Translated approximately the message says:

My Dear and loving girlfriend,
I love you for life,
You who are everything to me
Why am I separated from you
Sad and lonely I sigh
love your face as
and your tender kisses,
But do not forget the past
Your poor exile,
Write to me often
Love me always tenderly
I live in hope of your return
And the memory of our love
I hope soon I will return,
And never leave you,
To you my kisses, the best
To you my heart is whole

Right click on the card to save it as a larger image. This is for personal use or for limited sales as a tangible product. 
I have scanned in the back of this card too for the beautiful script written by a very romantic young man. It is available in my Etsy store.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Free French Postcard "Heureuse Fete"

Here is a free French Postcard for your personal use or used in a or printed for sale in a tangible form. This lovely postcard was sent in 1910 to Emile Gallais from her cousin on the occasion of La Sainte Gabriel. I loved the old French custom of honoring all of the Saints with a celebration. Lovely how the photographer surrounded this young girl with roses and flowers. I have given you three different versions of this postcard. You can right click on the card to download the images or you can download a much larger version at 300 dpi here through my 4shared folder.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Free French Postcard Digital Download, Ocean Flowers

Download a higher resolution image at the link location below.

As I promised here is a free digital download French postcard from the early 1900's in the upper photo, I have called it Ocean Flowers. If you are just visiting for the first time please follow me so I can have a look at your blogs, or leave a message, I would love to hear from you.
Here is a higher resolution link for the Ocean Flowers postcard above.

You are welcome to the other digital designs I have put up there as well. You might like to check out other downloads offers as well from various people. I've been using the site for years for my other blog and it is very safe.

 Please click on the image and right click to save on your computer. I loved the ocean scene since we live across the street and down a short path from the beach. the flowers are such an antique mauve colour that I found really interesting. This would be lovely as is for a gift card or used in a collage for your own scrapbooking. The second image in now available in my Etsy and shows how I changed the original postcard into a collage. I've been hearing so many beautiful birds singing every morning and can't resist working with my bird images.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Bird and French Bird Postcard Collages

I'm still very excited about bird image downloads. When I was a weaver years ago I wove two bird tapestries, one of a pheasant and another very large one of seagulls floating over the ocean. Birds have always been a favorite theme through my life as I'm sure they are for so many people. I have really enjoyed bird watching and many of my watercolours are birds, such a wonderful subject!